Standard Mirrors

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  1. Joshua Rectangular Mirror

    Joshua from HIB is a simple yet sophisticated rectangular mirror with bevelled edges. You will be ecstatic, whenever you see this fabulous-looking mirror in your bathroom. You can also affix the technologically advanced demister pad, as optional to keep your bathroom mirror steam free. Learn More
  2. Fili Rectangular Mirror

    The Fili mirror from HIB, is creating benchmark, through its sublime aura and presence. You will find this Fili Mirror a superb utility fixture in your bathroom. Learn More
  3. Donna Shaped Mirror

    Picture your dream bathroom, with Donna from HIB, which is a timeless classic mirror, designed with a detailed perception. The splendiferous mirror is gently arched, with wide bevelled edges. Learn More
  4. Rondo Shaped Mirror

    Rondo Mirror from HIB is a soft profile, circular mirror with wide bevelled edges. Learn More
  5. Tara Shaped Mirror

    Transform your regular bathroom into a scenic, dream refreshing zone, with HIB Tara Arched Mirror; this element of sheer elegance will captivate you, in its tranquil aura of pure beauty. Complemented with narrow bevelled edges, the mirror will add on to the glory of your interiors. Suitable for traditional as well as modern bathrooms, this arched mirror, can be fitted with demister pads, to dodge those hazy, steam-formed reflections. Learn More
  6. Jazz Shaped Mirror

    Prepare to get blown away in majestic grace, when you install Jazz Mirror from HIB. The mirror can be fitted landscape or portrait, allowing you the liberty for experiment. The smooth rounded corners, herald eclectic luxury. The demister pad can be attached to this mirror, keeping it steam-free, and giving you clear reflection, even in the harsh winters. Learn More
  7. Almo Mirror on Mirror

    Lift your esteem to its peak, with the enigmatic HIB Almo Mirror. The exclusive mirror-on-mirror style, and bevelled edges; transcend a wow element in your bathroom setting. Complete with rounded edges, this mirror is exceedingly easy to install, with enormous functionality to offer. The timeless design of the mirror is suitable for modern as well as traditional bathrooms. Learn More
  8. Lucy Mirror on Mirror

    The Lucy Mirror from HIB will bring the panoramic enigma right in your bathroom. With a dazzling, elaborate design, this rectangular mirror, is sure to steal the show. Complemented with bevelled edges, the mirror looks stunning at any place on the wall. The mirror on mirror design, injects a unique and novel wow statement, to your bathroom decor. Learn More

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