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  1. Traditional Marquis

    Price From: £299.00
    This magnificent Traditional Marquis Heated Towel Rail by Hudson Reed is a clever idea and a must have in your bathroom. Drying yourself with a heated towel brings that little bit of spa-like luxury into your daily routine. Learn More

    Out of stock

  2. Fin Floor Mounted Double Panel Radiator

    Price From: £313.00
    The Fin series of Double Panel Radiator from Hudson Reed is an ideal heating solution preferred throughout UK. This floor-mounted radiator in Anthracite finish has a robust design and utilises less vertical space. It incorporates the latest technology to give you an enhanced performance and is built with detailed precision for a superior finish. Bring home this radiator for years of warmth and cozy comfort. Learn More
  3. Parallel Vertical Designer Radiator

    Price From: £341.00
    Hudson Reeds Parallel Vertical Designer Radiator crafted with ingenuity is a great source of comfort, both for its excellent performance and its long-term dependability. Learn More
  4. Savy Single Panel Horizontal Radiator

    Price From: £329.00
    If its a visually appealing heater, youre looking for then youll be pleased to discover this Hudson Reed Savy Horizontal Designer Radiator. Featuring single panel, you will find this warming device effective in heat output and visually pleasing with its chrome finish and sleek lines. Learn More
  5. Savy Double Panel Vertical

    Price From: £398.00
    Hudson Reeds Vertical Double Panel Radiator showcased in its Savy series will be an ergonomic and cost-effective heating solution to cut down the chill. This premium offering is made from superior grade material and carries a vertical form, graced in a gleaming white finish. It is a double panel radiator which generates ample heat to warm-up your ambience, no matter how harsh the winters maybe. Learn More
  6. Sloane Single Panel Horizontal

    Price From: £316.00
    The Sloane range Single Panel Horizontal White Radiator has an edge over other radiators with its sophisticated look and immaculate functioning. Manufactured from the finest material, it comes with an attractive white finish and ready for easy installation with all required screws. Horizontal radiator brackets in white finish included. Whats more, its minimalist design also serves as an efficient towel rail. Learn More
  7. Sloane Double Panel Horizontal

    Price From: £483.00
    Hudson Reed presents a stylish way to heat up your bathroom ambience in the form of Sloane Horizontal Radiator. This double panel heating element is made from premium-grade material, ideal for a long term use. It generates ample heat that will warm up your interiors instantly no matter how cold it is outside. The fabulous white finish makes it visually appealing and it comes with radiator brackets for ease in installation. Learn More
  8. Sloane Double Panel Vertical

    Price From: £459.00
    Finished in white and incorporating a practical mirror, this Sloane Double Panel Radiator by Hudson Reed is a visually appealing radiator that will bring you both warmth and aesthetic appeal. Learn More
  9. Xcite Designer Radiator

    Price From: £270.00
    With a novel design concept that is highly effective Hudson Reeds Xcite Silver Designer Radiator has a strong and attractive presence. Made from the finest material, it has a comfortable heat output. Suitable for domestic use as well as in gyms, studios or art galleries it is convenient to install and comes with all fixing screws. Learn More
  10. Brunel Designer Radiator

    Price From: £432.00
    A functional and dashing creation comes to your bathroom in the form of Brunel Designer Radiator, which is fantastically designed by Hudson Reed, a renowned company. The minimalistic yet stylish element is available in brilliant chrome finish, blending with any bathroom decoration. The strong and durable radiator generates ample heat to warm up your surroundings pleasantly. This shimmering beauty is supplied with all fixing screws, for your convenience. Learn More

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